Bappenas and Ministry of Finance (MoF) successfully supported ICCTF by creating the necessary regulatory framework for a national Indonesian trust fund thereby also enlarging public options in choosing between different implementation modalities. In 2014 Bappenas issued a new Ministerial Regulation (Permen) ministerial regulation No 10, 2014 on Lembaga Wali Amanat (LWA) ICCTF as a new legal basis for ICCTF as a national trust fund. Attempting to make the new arrangement operational, Bappenas approved/signed the establishment of a Board of Trustees Majelis Wali Amanat (MWA), a governmental budget entity under state-budget system called Satuan Kerja/SatKer  and a contractual agreement with Bank Mandiri as selected Fund Manager (Pengelola Dana Amanat). 

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- Business Plan (2014-2020)
- Bylaws and SOPs

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