The Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) is a key instrument of the Government of Indonesia in reducing emission intensity and greenhouse gases emission through actions of low carbon development and adaptation on climate change impact. ICCTF also strives to integrate climate change issues into Development Plans at the national, provincial and regional level as well as implementing the initiatives on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Through leveraging and channeling of domestic resources and international funds into projects aligned with Indonesia’s RAN/RAD-GRK implementation plan, the ICCTF supports Indonesia’s 26% / 41% emission reduction target.


BY 2030

National Effort
International Support

The ICCTF is the only national trust fund dedicated to climate finance in Indonesia equipped with a governmental mandate.

Financial Management and Monitoring and Evaluation are core services of the ICCTF. Based on past successful records of accomplishment in managing complex and innovative projects, the ICCTF will continue to advance its business model to increase private sector participation and leverage public and development partner funds in order to scale up mitigation and adaptation activities.

Strategic relevance: Piloting of managerial and technological innovations that foster the mainstreaming of climate relevant projects, programs and activities.

Multi-stakeholder engagement: Multi-stakeholder involvement (International development partners, Private Sector, Civil Society,line ministries and local governments) in project funding, management and evaluation based on participatory approaches to build consensus in achieving set project outcomes.

Direct link with National Target: ICCTF is the only trust fund dedicated to support the achievement of National mitigation targets (RAN-GRK) and Adaptation (RAN-API).

Inclusiveness: International development partners, governmental officials, private sector, CSO and academia are all represented in the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, the highest governing body, approves strategic directions, projects and other important decisions.

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