Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (Majelis Wali Amanah / MWA) is the ICCTF’s governing body. The Board formulates principles and policies to govern the ICCTF’s activities and operations, approves the work programmes, adopts the budget, reviews the structure and composition of staffing and performs other statutory functions, including considering the methods of financing the Institute with a view to ensuring the effectiveness of its future operations.


The Board meets in regular session at least once a year. Sessions are traditionally held in private meetings amongs the trustees, Donors, specialized agencies and institutes.


Deputy for Maritime Affairs and Natural Resource, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

Dr. Ir. Arifin Rudiyanto, M.Sc

Ir. Medrilzam, M.Prof.Econ, Ph.D

Coordinator of Working Group 1 and Secretary for Board of Trustees
Director for Environment, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

Dr. Ir. Yahya Rachmana Hidayat, MSc

Coordinator of Working Group 2
Director of Energy, Mineral, and Mining Resources, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

Dr. Ir. Sri Yanti JS, MPM

Coordinator of Working Group 3 and Coordinator for ICCTF’s Secretariat
Director of Marine Affairs and Fisheries,
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas


  1. Deputy Minister for Development Funding, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas
    Ir. Kennedy Simanjutak, Ma
  2. Head of Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance
    Prof. Suahasil Nazara, Se.E, M.Sc., Phd
  3. Deputy Minister for Macroeconomic and Finance Coordination, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs
    Dr. Iskandar Simorangkir, SE, MA
  4. Deputy Minister for Health Improvement Coordination, Coordination Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs
    Dr. Sigit Priohutomo, MPH
  5. Representative of Civil Society Organization, Executive Director of Institute for Essential Service Reform (IESR)
    Fabby Tumiwa
  1. Representative of Private Sector, Vice Chairwoman for The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN)
    Shinta Widjaja Kamdani
  2. Representative of Academics, Chariman of Research Center for Climate Change University of Indonesia (RCCC UI)
    Ir. Jatna Supriatna, M.Sc., Ph.D
  3. Ambassador of Charge d’affaires Royal Danish Embassy
    Casper Klynge
  4. Head of UK Climate Change Unit
    Tom Owen Edmunds
  5. Counsellor and Head of Development Cooperation German Embassy
    Rafael Teck
  6. Director of the Environment Office USAID
    Matthew Burton


Minister of National Development Planning’s Decree No.3/2013 Regarding Establishment of Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund, Presidential Regulation No.80/2011

Minister of National Development Planning’s Decree No.Kep.3/M.PPN/HK/03/2014 Regarding the Establishment og ICCTF’s Board of Trustee. The board consists of representative of private sector, academician, NGOs and developing partners. Minister of National Development Planning’s Decree No.12/2018.

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