Fund Management is a set of activities that focuses on how contributed funds (i.e. donor funds) are invested in (channeled into) projects and programs.

Over the duration of any approved projects, financial due diligence include performance based payments in lieu of agreed upon milestones between ICCTF and recipient/beneficiary to monitor project progress in achieving individual project's objectives.

In addition, lessons learnt from implemented projects feed back into ICCTF's investment and fundraising strategies to progressively scale-up project investment size, offering co-financing of meaningful mitigation and adaptation projects.

Overall, the ICCTF promotes a collaborative and participatory approach among its broad set of stakeholders including members of its Board of Trustees, regulators, external experts, auditors, development partners, line ministries, local governments as well as CSO’s, academia and private sector.

In accordance with ICCTF’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the finance team ensures effective and transparent utilization of financial resources adhering to integrity principles of financial services.

Managerial duties include:

 · Responsibility and accountability for planning, management and oversight of financial resources by the ICCTF Secretariat
 · Guidance provision to other units within the ICCTF Secretariat and its executing agencies on finance related matters
 · Provision of evidence-based strategic advice to the Board of Trustees on ICCTF Secretariat financial performance/delivery and
 · Demonstrate the quality of ICCTF’s operations to contribute to resource mobilization efforts to the Board of Trustees

ICCTF’s client oriented approach is consistent with SOPs for Finance in compliance with applicable domestic and international rules and regulations. To provide further evidence of our fund management practices, audits are being conducted annually.

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